29 March 2006

LMAC Interview

Here is another super fresh interview with the coolest bro in Singapore - Le Messie From LMAC
Thanks again Messie.

When was LMAC established and why did you decide to start it?
we got this up in 2004.. So many reasons really.. We’ll go with my insanity plea! I wanted to do music really.. I was producin electro grooves.. That didn’t cut out and lead to what I got going now.. Just wanna be creative in my own sick way, wanna tell a story with whatever I put out there.. We did much stuff in the past, music, toys, etc.. Love what we got going now.. It’s like the ultimate calling for me.. Streetwear or whatever you wanna call it.. I love the flipping and bootleg feel to what we and similar players got going on... Thoroughly appreciate and love what everyone else around us is flippin.. It’s all hot like that! I think what really made me wanna start this is.. ‘Hope’... hope for something better.. There’s always something better and bigger out there.. Just a matter of finding it and willing it. I feel the game having the same group mind set.. You know we’re all the same.. Just doing our own thing.

All of your clothing designs are dope - where do you get your ideas from?
Right now I’m in my kiddy stage, the little comics we all used to love to read become my playing ground!
All flipped and depicted in a dark manner.. A lot of my ideas come for dark areas in my past present and future. I like to put some dark wit into the designs.. Some love, some are appalled but that’s the game I love to play the fine line in between the yin and the yang.. Ohh also I have this black figure appear to me at 2am every morning telling me what I should make next.. I call him.. Dumah... Hmmm..o.k it’s time for me to stop..

I heard about these new collabos that are dropping soon - Tell us how they came about.
yeah got some hotcakes ready to be served to the hungry. Kicks/Hi was a chance meeting with my homeboy Lupe Fiasco that hooked me and Ian (waddup bruv) of Kicks/Hi and Bittersweet fame. Ian wanted to flip a Yakuza concept.. made sense to make it together with us on the yakuza label.. We chopped it alright! JB and SVSV come from my new fam fam the KDU. KDU if you don't yet know is the home and creative network for some of the baddest boys around the globe. JB and David Gensler flip the switches there.. We’re talking chopping game and some ideas popped up and before you know it we’re mixing up some pan jacks.. Shit will be dropping in the next 2 – 3 weeks! A lot more in the making.. All who come will be served... (hot nice yummy pan jacks!

Top 5 albums?
Jimmy Edgar – all his releases
Machine Drum – all his releases
Ilkae – all their releases
Prodigy – all their releases, for some reason I really loved the last one they did to bits..
Chemical Brothers – all their releases

Top 5 porn stars?
Lanni Barbie
Tera Patrick
damn can’t remember the rest.. These 2 are more than enough to keep your hands full..

Top 5 weapons of individual destruction?
Medieval Mace

If we visit Singapore what should we check out?
Check out our Retail Yakuza boutique of course.. Our red light district, our chicks with dicks, Victors Dim Sum (dude left HK an came all the way here.. If you travel with me there we go VIP style.. Homeboy will kick peeps out to put us on a table gangsta style!), chicken rice (although stay away for now h5n1 flu don’t take no prisoners!), we’ll go skating at Raffles Place (even though they copped up all the rad marble.. There’s still some secret hot spots), head to killiney hotel for some illegal beverages.. And some old skool, singapore heritage, china-towns a must – then we’d hit the hottest underground house parties here.. Then we do the secret....yes the Secret....

What's next for LMAC?
suprises..i’ve dedicated my life to suprising!

Thanks Messie - Anyone you would like to thank?
Thank you for inviting us up in here.. Respects to all.. And to all respects! Thank you Dumah for giving me a future!!! Aaaaaaa yeeee ooooooh maaaa... Chant this 5 times every night and dumah will appear to you too and give you a future... Big up to all the lovers and the haters and the hatin lovers and the lovin haters and the... Aiight word to your mother~

23 March 2006

Mama's Interview

Here is another fresh interview - from one of the coolest dolls on this planet. Gabriella the lady behind Mama Clothing.
Thanks again Gabriella.

When was Mama established and why did you decide to start such a unique clothing line?
Mama was started in the middle of 2004 in the ashes of my first company "Cybelle". I ran Cybelle with a partner for three years, after a while we just started going in different directions. We decided that it was best to call it quits before we killed each other. Mama was a concept that Ali and I wanted to do way back and dropping Cybelle gave us the opportunity to really focus our energies on something together. Mama tries to do more than just legitimize women’s streetwear, our goal is really to introduce unique products, whether tangible or organizational, to fill voids in the market. This year we are introducing M.I.S.S. to the world, in addition to Mama’s Jewels with Bijules NYC and the Montana “Hello My Name Is…” set. We have a few things up our selves for the latter part of the year. This year is going to be fun.

The New Era Ladies Fitted 5950 sample is fresh. How did that come about?

I met with New Era down in LA a few months ago and they dropped the idea of doing a woman’s 5950. They were feeling the market out at that point, it took one more visit and a few emails to lock it down. We are really excited about the opportunity to work with them. They hooked me up with a basic sample last time I was down in LA,….just to get an idea of the specs. We’re starting the design process this week. I would love to blab about what we’re thinking about, but you’ll have to wait and see.

All of your Ladies and Men’s lines are super fresh - where do you get your ideas from?

Thanks for the compliment. We’re really just getting started. Our ideas come from all over. TV, music, magazines, childhood memories, lunch, you name it….there is a nugget of inspiration in everything. It’s funny when Ali and I go out at night. You’ll usually find us in the corner of the bar or wherever throwing ideas back and forth…just making each other crack up. Ali just came up with the idea to start a men’s bag line called “The SACK”. I don’t think it will get passed the concept phase.

Top 5 albums?
Ever? Oh Jeez . . . so hard! I’ll try . . .these always sound good to me . . .
1 – Kind of Blue – Miles Davis
2 – Black on Both Sides – Mos Def
3 – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill – Lauryn Hill
4 – The Low End Theory – A Tribe Called Quest
5 – Bob Marley Box Set – I know it’s 4 cds . . oh well.

Top 5 artists?
You’re killing me! Another hard one!
1 - Miss Van
2 - Sam Flores
3 - Kelly Tunstall
4 - Toofly
5 - Junko Mizuno

Top 5 designers?
I’m going high end on this one. . .
1 – Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel
2 – Louis Vuitton
3 – Gucci for accessories
4 – Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel
5 – Marc Jacobs

What's next for Mama?
You’ll just have to wait and see. I know I’m excited.

Thanks Gabriella - Anyone you would like to thank?
You for taking the time out to listen to me blab! Ali, The Reverend Liz Love, Jules from Bijules NYC, Kapi and the rest of the Montana Crew, Jason Maggio at Vapors, Yasi Salek, DJ Zita, DJ Elle, Peppa, Toofly, jeez . . so many people! All of our friends, customers and boutiques that support and believe in mama. All of the websites and magazines that show us love. And of course . . . my mama and the rest of the fam!

21 March 2006

Mama's Big F$%*ing Sale!!

Mama's Interview Up Soon!

Assault/Crooked Tongues Interview

This is my second exclusive interview for this site - and it is a fresh one. It's with the brother from a different mother behind the biggest sneaker website in the world and the freshest sneaker print making brand. Thanks again Tim.

When was Assault established and why did you decide to start a unique brand like this?
Assault was established in 2004, with an aim to relax and take things slow, letting them naturally progress. At the time I'd just come back from working at a design agency in Tokyo and was taking some time off, so I decided to play around with some ideas, and ended up doing some prints in very small quantities to give to friends. They were quite popular so I printed up more and put them for sale. They sold out pretty quick so I did the 'United Colours of Dunk' print in a larger quantity, and it all grew from there!

All of your prints and most of your badges are sneakers - are you a "sneaker pimp"?
Totally! I've been collecting to some degree for 10+ years now. I had a record store pre-2000 and we'd been selling import and vintage sneakers in there too. Unfortunately the store had to close, but I took the sneaker element and created Crooked Tongues. It was back then that I developed more of a hardcore interest in buying sneakers, and I suppose it's this that has influenced the heavily sneaker-based element of the Assault brand right now.

Did you ever think that Crooked Tongues would get so much recognition?
When I started the site, there were big plans... I wanted to create the best sneaker store in the UK, with the best resources, that would act as a base for the UK sneaker community to unite and grow. I left the company about a year into the planning and setup, just before the official launch. My initial concepts and plans were followed quite closely, and when I was asked to come back in 2004, the site had developed into the worldwide giant that you know today. It was the first site of its type in the world and I think that helped it to gain the position it now holds.

Can we be expecting an Assault clothing line in the near future?
It's something that's in the pipeline for sure. We'll be producing some tees for the summer, and maybe some sweats and accessories after that. I don't really think that the brand lends itself to a full-blown clothing label, but we will definately try to cater for those sneaker-hungry apparel consumers out there!

Top 5 albums?
Wow, that's a hard one... can I have a top 100 instead?!?! Well, off the top of my head, 5 of my favourites on my iPod right now are:
Atban Klann 'Grassroots'
Tha Alkaholiks '21 & Over'
King Giddra 'Sora Kara No Chikara'
Beatnuts 'Intoxicated Demons'
The Pharcyde 'Bizarre Ride 2 The Pharcyde'

Top 5 artists?
That's a hard one too! OK another quick list off the top of my head:
Shepard Fairey
Geoff McFetridge
Cody Hudson

What's next for Assault?
We're working on some more prints right now, a couple of collabs, and the apparel as mentioned earlier. There's a lot more planned, but we're taking it slow for now and enjoying things, not taking life too seriously! But watch out for some big things later in the year!
Thanks Tim - Anyone you would like to thank?
Just anyone that's supported us - friends, websites (especially the blogs), stores that stock our product, our customers, and all the press who have featured us in the past - we couldn't get anywhere if people didn't support us, so we're very appreciative of everything

Thanks Tim - Anyone you would like to thank?
Just anyone that's supported us - friends, websites (especially the blogs), stores that stock our product, our customers, and all the press who have featured us in the past - we couldn't get anywhere if people didn't support us, so we're very appreciative of everything

16 March 2006

Exclusive 8five2 Interview

This is a Exclusive Interview with the man of 8five2 - Julius Brian Siswojo.
Make sure when your in HK you check out this fresh boutique.
Thanks again Brian.

When was 8five2 established and why did you decide to start a skate boutique/shop?
It started in 1999 as a distribution company called 8FIVE2 Distribution. Because of the lack of good skateboard/boutique shops in Hong Kong, 8FIVE2SHOP was opened in 2001.
We wanted to present brands in their full line which was something that hadn’t been done in other shops yet.
I’ve been skateboarding since 1988 and it’s a lifestyle for me. It makes a lot of sense to open a shop that I’m very familiar with instead of many that are trying to front without knowing nothing about the culture and the background. We want to make sure that Hong Kong has a world class skateboard/boutique shop to offer, not only to Hong Kong people but to all people in Asia.

You have a collaboration shoe with Lakai - how did that come about?
Oh, a good friend of ours is the head designer of Lakai (Aaron Hoover), we both have mutual respect and literally love each other (not in the gay way). Also, I know Mike Carroll and he’s an amazing person. He will always be my favorite skateboarder, period. That’s how Lakai Carroll 4 x 8FIVE2SHOP shoes came out. Straight up, my favorite skateboard shoes designer/brand + favorite all time skateboarder + favorite shop equals to my favorite sneaker. Plus Lakai makes super good skateboard shoes. Also, not only for skateboarding, with their SELECT line, Lakai is ready to be taken seriously as not only a skateboard shoe but shoes for everybody. Everybody who wants to look good and feel comfortable.

Do you have any plans to start a clothing line in the near future?
Oh, we have our clothing line called Know1edge. This Summer 2006 is going to be our 5th season. It’s becoming stronger and stronger. We have a full line; tee shirts, jeans, (very good jeans), caps, jackets, bags, belts, watch and so much more.

What are your current views on the HK skate scene?
It’s growing, still very small but growing. We never stop promoting and pushing skateboarding in Hong Kong. Thank GOD now we have a Hong Kong official skateboard national team. We can’t enjoy it ourselves as much but, to see the young generation reap in the benefits we planted for so long, makes us really really happy.

Top 5 Albums?
Nas (Illmatic), B I G (Ready to Die), Outkast but, these days I’ve been listening to a lot of Al Green, Jill Scott, The stylistics…

Top 5 Skateboarders?
Mike Carroll, Julien Stranger, Marcus McBride, Sean Young, Sean Sheffey (5 ALL TIME)
Alex Parker, Dennis Busenitz, & Brent Atchley are the 3 that I’m feelin right now.

If we visit HK what should we check out?
Definitely 8FIVE2SHOP and so many more. The routine; here we go, hotpot to have a good warm dinner, Hoi Lau Shan to have the illest fruit desserts and then foot massage. We call these 3 the GOLDEN TRIANGLE. The next day, we walk around Causeway Bay, check out some ill high end fashion stores (good inspiration) then we go to Mong Kok for some grimmie shopping, Victor Lee ( no doubt, fo sho), then if some of you fools are horny mofos, we go to the underground porno DVDs joint (USD12 for 6, what????) It’s the best gift to blaze your homies, forget about keychain’s, lighter’s or fan’s saying “Lost in Hong Kong”, Porno DVDS make them happy plus, if they are your homies, you can use it first then blaze them! You know what I’m sayin? Also, if some of you are still feelin the sneakers out here, I got mad spots to show you all. Of course, some toys, lots of toys! Also something to check out is definitely Michael Lau’s studio, pretty Bangin. There’s so many more, it’s ridiculous. Oh yeah, if you want to see the most ugly people, you can also go to Hong Kong Disneyland.

What's next for 8five2?
Same thing, promoting skateboarding, showing the dopest street fashion out there, collaborations with amazing artists/brand, some tee shirts line and so many more. We’re always keeping busy and coming up with new ideas.

Thanks Brian - Anyone you would like to thank?
So many people, it’s ridiculous! Most definitely my beloved wifey, Annie Lee Siswojo, Mom and Dad, brother and sister’s. They are the most amazing people on this earth and all this wouldn’t happen without their support!
Also, Alyasha Owerka Moore, Todd Shimabuku (In4mation) and his crew, Eric Haze (always super dope), Eli Morgan Gesner, Peter Huynh (UXA) and Arai (Hex) that helped Know1edge since day one. All of our distributors (you are all the best), LoDown Magazine, Friday Magazine, Touch Magazine, Milk Magazine, I love them all. I will always remember, always. Also, to lots of heads (they know who they are) who help me out along the way, those that support 8FIVE2SHOP and Know1edge, I can’t thank them enough everyday!
Thank you!

8five2 is located at:

2/F Rm 3 United Success Commercial Centre
506-508 Jaffe Road
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
T: (852) 2573 9872
F: (852) 2573 9873/2881 6110