29 March 2006

LMAC Interview

Here is another super fresh interview with the coolest bro in Singapore - Le Messie From LMAC
Thanks again Messie.

When was LMAC established and why did you decide to start it?
we got this up in 2004.. So many reasons really.. We’ll go with my insanity plea! I wanted to do music really.. I was producin electro grooves.. That didn’t cut out and lead to what I got going now.. Just wanna be creative in my own sick way, wanna tell a story with whatever I put out there.. We did much stuff in the past, music, toys, etc.. Love what we got going now.. It’s like the ultimate calling for me.. Streetwear or whatever you wanna call it.. I love the flipping and bootleg feel to what we and similar players got going on... Thoroughly appreciate and love what everyone else around us is flippin.. It’s all hot like that! I think what really made me wanna start this is.. ‘Hope’... hope for something better.. There’s always something better and bigger out there.. Just a matter of finding it and willing it. I feel the game having the same group mind set.. You know we’re all the same.. Just doing our own thing.

All of your clothing designs are dope - where do you get your ideas from?
Right now I’m in my kiddy stage, the little comics we all used to love to read become my playing ground!
All flipped and depicted in a dark manner.. A lot of my ideas come for dark areas in my past present and future. I like to put some dark wit into the designs.. Some love, some are appalled but that’s the game I love to play the fine line in between the yin and the yang.. Ohh also I have this black figure appear to me at 2am every morning telling me what I should make next.. I call him.. Dumah... Hmmm..o.k it’s time for me to stop..

I heard about these new collabos that are dropping soon - Tell us how they came about.
yeah got some hotcakes ready to be served to the hungry. Kicks/Hi was a chance meeting with my homeboy Lupe Fiasco that hooked me and Ian (waddup bruv) of Kicks/Hi and Bittersweet fame. Ian wanted to flip a Yakuza concept.. made sense to make it together with us on the yakuza label.. We chopped it alright! JB and SVSV come from my new fam fam the KDU. KDU if you don't yet know is the home and creative network for some of the baddest boys around the globe. JB and David Gensler flip the switches there.. We’re talking chopping game and some ideas popped up and before you know it we’re mixing up some pan jacks.. Shit will be dropping in the next 2 – 3 weeks! A lot more in the making.. All who come will be served... (hot nice yummy pan jacks!

Top 5 albums?
Jimmy Edgar – all his releases
Machine Drum – all his releases
Ilkae – all their releases
Prodigy – all their releases, for some reason I really loved the last one they did to bits..
Chemical Brothers – all their releases

Top 5 porn stars?
Lanni Barbie
Tera Patrick
damn can’t remember the rest.. These 2 are more than enough to keep your hands full..

Top 5 weapons of individual destruction?
Medieval Mace

If we visit Singapore what should we check out?
Check out our Retail Yakuza boutique of course.. Our red light district, our chicks with dicks, Victors Dim Sum (dude left HK an came all the way here.. If you travel with me there we go VIP style.. Homeboy will kick peeps out to put us on a table gangsta style!), chicken rice (although stay away for now h5n1 flu don’t take no prisoners!), we’ll go skating at Raffles Place (even though they copped up all the rad marble.. There’s still some secret hot spots), head to killiney hotel for some illegal beverages.. And some old skool, singapore heritage, china-towns a must – then we’d hit the hottest underground house parties here.. Then we do the secret....yes the Secret....

What's next for LMAC?
suprises..i’ve dedicated my life to suprising!

Thanks Messie - Anyone you would like to thank?
Thank you for inviting us up in here.. Respects to all.. And to all respects! Thank you Dumah for giving me a future!!! Aaaaaaa yeeee ooooooh maaaa... Chant this 5 times every night and dumah will appear to you too and give you a future... Big up to all the lovers and the haters and the hatin lovers and the lovin haters and the... Aiight word to your mother~


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this dude is nuts! the sickest designs on the market no doubt! i drop by his blog on HB daily!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

le messie is loco! but wicked fresh!!!

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