07 April 2006

In4mation Interview

This time I introduce you to the coolest homie in Hawaii - Todd at In4mation.
Thanks Todd.

When was In4mation established and why did you and your homies start such a fresh brand?
In4mation was established in the late months of 2001 and my partners (Ryan Arakaki, Rhandy Tambio and I were just parting ways with our old venture called Define. We could not see eye to eye with our investors and just decided to leave and start another store/brand called In4mation. While working at Define we met our next soon to be partner Jun Jo who was currently riding for Alphanumeric…Jun saw the struggles we were going through and he liked that we had passion for this market so he just pitched the idea of partnering up with us and that is how In4mation was born. In4mation was started as a little skate shop in Mililani, Hawaii which is pretty much the hometown of Ryan Arakaki, Rhandy Tambio and a ton of others we call our really good friends. The In4mation Brand was started with a small run of tees which was used to help push the name of our store In4mation.
Where do you get your ideas from when designing a fresh piece?
This is something I can not answer as Rhandy does all design work for in4mation. Rhandy always has something up his sleeve and keeps surprising us with what we are going to doing next. We leave all Art Direction to him and let him be free with whatever he wants to do. I know he understands a lot about design since his older brother actually teaches art to children so with our stuff he takes everything into perspective. I also know that MUSIC plays a big part on our whole direction of seasons.

Would you class yourself a "sneaker head"?
If I didn’t…I would be lying. I kind of lost the feel of looking for the so called this or that shoe as this whole sneaker game got really really big. I guess as you work with stuff you tend not to want certain things anymore. I still like to buy certain shoes like all white AF1s and Vans. Looking to start getting into the kind of shoes I wore as a kid like Etnies and DVS/LAKAI. Im getting old, I need some shit that makes me feel younger.

Top 5 Albums?
Bad Brains- ALL ALBUMS
Wu-Tang Clan- Enter the 36th Chamber
GangStarr- Hard To Earn
Operation Ivy- Self Titled
Metallica- the first four because the new shit was not the same.

Top 5 Artists?
I like too much to pick the top 5. I can’t listen just one genre of music…I need everything.

Top 5 Country/City?
Have never visited much so I will put the top 5 places/people I would like to visit.
TOKYO Cleanercorp Japan
HK/CAUSWAY BAY HK BRIAN and the knowledge fam
TAIWAN Mr. Artzer runs a distro called Bamboo
PARIS/FRANCE visit the collette peeps
GERMANY visit the lodown squad

If we get in to Hawaii what should we check out?

You should check out our friends who run their own shops as well. KICKS/HI, FITTED HAWAII, APB Boardshop, LEILOW, MISHEN Skateshop.
Also check out the SHRIMP TRUCK in the North Shore, Mai Tai bar in Ala Moana Mall, Femme Nu, Rockza(Restaurants)hahahaha. Zippys Restaurants, Tsunami’s bar by Kicks/Hi Makaloa Location, Koi/Skybox bars by Rockza, (Friday Nights at Fishermans Wharf) LIVING ROOM, (Saturday Nights at Chais.) put on by the Architechs and Vertical Junkies.

What is next for In4mation?
We are not sure what is next but just trying to continue on and work on our shop and brand. Looking into doing more exciting projects with more companies and just trying to keep everyone happy.

Thanks Todd - Anyone you would like to thank?
Just would like to thank everyone who supports us. We really appreciate everything you all have done for us.

In4mation (Main Office)

1050 Ala Moana Blvd. B1 Bay 5-6

Honolulu, HI 96814



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