11 April 2006

Once Upon A Time Interview

Here is the next fresh interview I am bringin' to you from an upcoming entrepreneur - Daniel at Once Upon A Time.
Thanks Daniel.

When was Once Upon A Time established and why did you start a dope
clothing company?
Once upon a Time was established in 2004. We always spraypainted on
tshirts. We put meyer lansky on a shirt and we got a lot of positive
feedback. Then we designed another shirt and slowly it grew into what
it is today. We started Once upon a Time to put our ideas on clothing.
Its the best feeling to see someone wearing a shirt you designed

Where do you get your ideas for your unique clothing?
Most of my ideas I get from hanging out with my crew,going out,
kicking it with talented people or just chillin in the city.Everyday I
get influenced by new thing every shirt has a different influence
behind it.

Would you class yourself a "sneaker head"?
not really. Don't get me wrong I am INTO SNEAKERS BUT THE WHOLE
kicks rule everything around me and in our culture it really is like
that. I dont know if you call visvim a sneaker company but I like what
they are doing, but most days I just wear chucks or old nikes.

How did you become part of this culture?
I grew up skating, so I was always into it. The first shirt that I can
remember buying was the stussy eightball shirt. I still have the world
tour shirt that I bought when I was 14. I was always into good enough,
conart and stussy. I never looked at it like a culture me and my boys
just always liked the cloth, until I was 18 when I really got into the
culture and started being more knowlegable

Top 4 Albums?
wu tang/36 chambers
n.w.a straight outta comto
notorious big-ready to die
Frank sinatra- all of them
the doors- all of them

Top 5 Artists?
frank sinatra
wu tang
the doors
sohar argov
gang starr

Top 5 Countrys/Cities?
new york
tel aviv

Top 5 Clothing Companys?
good enough
bones brigade

If we visit New York what should we check out?
There is so much to see in ny I won't be able to put it in a
paragraph. Stay away from the tourist traps. For clothing and sneakers
check out Union downtown and Atmos in harlem.. I don't wanna give away
all the secret spots. just look around

What is next for Once Upon A Time?
We are gonna introduce a few cut&sew pieces to our line in the fall.
We are trying to become a full line, its a tough process but we are
working on it. We have a few collaborations with atmos that should
drop next month, besides that we are gonna continue to do our thing

Thanks Daniel - Anyone you would like to thank?
Mike Yamin for letting me crash on his couch whenever i am in la,
Alina who is the creative director for ouat, capone-The dopest dog in
the world eli,kevin,aaron,albert,dekel,Sang,ev,mike,tatsu,Dj
Ez,taka,david,danny,phill, purple city, cinematic group,aj the
intern,spencer, julia,jess,jamie,anne,gil,joey...... and everyone
thats down with Once upon a time


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