05 April 2006

SlamxHype/Catalytic Interview

One of the biggest interview yet from the brother behind one of the freshest sites on the net - Adam from SlamxHype.
Thanks Again Adam.

When was Catalytic/SlamxHype established and what made you start them?
Slamxhype was started last year, I started it as a way to compile the best of all the info on the net, as the flood of information was growing so fast, I wanted somewhere where people could go as a one stop shop.

Catalytic Attack, started 26 years ago! My dream for as long as I can remember, when kids my age were drawing spaceships, I was drawing clothes, and shop layouts, their idols were hulk Hogan, mine were people like Michael koppleman and James Jebbia. The store opened just 2 months ago.

How did you end up getting involved in this culture?
I went to fashion/art school in London, and had always had a somewhat unhealthy obsession with kicks. I worked as a stylist in high fashion circles once I graduated and had design jobs with high fashion companies, but something dawned on me, that this was where I belonged. I had always admired street fashion much more than anything else, as I thought it was considerably more real. I found my way into the culture and as it progressed met some of the greatest people and it made me feel right at home.

Tell us what Catalytic is and what is it offering to this "game"?
In a way, aspects of it, its nothing new, we operate a retail store, a distribution and PR company aswell as offer freelance design. In the short time since the store opened, I have already decided on certain changes that need to be made, the main one, a new label which will be launched over the next few months, that encompasses my involvement in this culture, with my ability and knowledge of high quality products. This is very much taking a big priority right now. The store itself, is a selection of the labels I love, mixed with a gallery space and a vibe I feel the culture deserves, we have a couch. a TV, and free drinks on tap all day..

Top 5 Albums?
Unkle – Pysence Fiction
Notorious BIG – Ready to Die
De La Soul – The best of (haha)
KRS1 – Anything
Tashan – chasing a dream

Top 5 Websites?
The Hundreds
Inquiring mind
Mr Kim says
Anewyorkthing and married to the mob

Top 5 Artists?
Wk interact

What's next for Catalytic and SlamxHype?
We are opening a new store very soon, and as I mentioned will launch a new label too! As far as slamxhype goes, we have an all new look about to launch, and intend on doing more bigger features as you may have seen recently with madfoot and of course more of the same.

Thanks again Adam - Anyone you would like to thank?
There are too many, I am sure I will miss people, but, futura, colin miller, stash, ian ginoza, adam weissman, garry, Jupiter, leah, rob, matt, Anthony,KJ, Fats,Fraser Cooke and Scott .. too many!


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